About Us

All that needs to be known about Forty Trips


Introduction about the company

Forty Trips is one of the biggest names in the Indian travel industry. This private limited company is responsible for bringing the world-class experience of flight and hotel booking solutions to all Indian travellers. It is one of the leading online travel aggregators that has achieved a huge amount of success in the minimum amount of time.


The objective of this company is to provide a hassle-free experience to the customer. This will ultimately help him enjoy a perfect trip without any inconvenience and additional charges.


Objective of the Company

Customer experience and user accomplishment are among the most important targets for this company. That is why it strives hard to provide a seamless platform that will ultimately help the customers search, compare, and ultimately choose and book the tickets at the best price and the best accommodation facilities. An application has been developed by the company for this purpose. It can be easily downloaded on IOS and Android. This application has been exclusively developed to integrate the research speedily.


Provision of a user-friendly interface

This application has gathered information related to different hotels and flights. It has a huge database that can comprise the details of 85000 hotels. It can also maintain all the information related to a domestic and international flights. It allows the users to find the best deal for themselves and compare different options with each other to find the aptest one. This application has assisted at least 1 million users in a period of 1 year to plan their travel and execute them with perfection.


Uses of the Application

The application has been able to promise a seamless and hassle-free connection. It provides an easy interface for all the users to easily navigate and reach the ultimate destination. Because of this feature, this application has been able to enjoy a good rating on Play Store and app store. It has given tough competition to the existing competitors in this travel industry. It has established its supremacy in a very short period. This is the best version of a travel assistant that you can get for yourself to plan your upcoming travel.


This company does not charge any convenience fees from its customers. They want to help the people manage every Interacices related to the trip. That is why it is able to report millions of downloads every day. The speed at which this particular application is getting downloaded is also increasing.


 If this continues for a long period, then the day is not far when Forty Trips will become the most important market leader in the entire industry. This is the biggest achievement which any company can enjoy for the time being.



The most important reason this company has survived the tough competition and developed a space for itself is its continuous perseverance in serving the customers. They try to perform a lot of functions on behalf of the customers. That is why they truly deserve to rule the market one day.